Programs and Services

1. Recruiting and Training New Sales Professionals

First, we place one of our proven ads to attract a large pool of applicants. After carefully screening those who apply, we select a limited number for intensive training. These candidates receive 24 hours of hands-on training including the psychology of selling, the key steps to a sale, and the importance of continuous learning. At the end, you have the opportunity to interview the trainees and select those you want to work for you. The cost to the trainees is $299. The cost to the dealer is from $299 to $599 for each new trainee hired. The actual price depends upon the degree of reference checking, follow-up support, and guarantee the dealer desire. An additional one-time cost of the program is $995 for advertising space to attract a great pool of candidates.

2.  Advanced Training for Seasoned Sales Professionals

We customize our programs to meet your needs. We offer 12- or 16 hour refresher courses, as well as ongoing classes and seminars. Topics include: How to Create and Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude; How to Build Customer Relationships for Life; Advanced Selling Techniques; Prospecting; and Continuous Learning. We can train a small number of staff or your entire sales team–half on one day and half on another. Whatever you choose, we will make sure that your sales professionals have a positive and invigorating experience that improves sales, profits, and CSI. The cost of the training ranges from $299 to $489 per person depending on the number of sales associates and the specific program. We highly recommend that they pay all or part of the fee, so they have a stake in their training and an investment in their future.

3.  Management Development

Our management training focuses on how to inspire and motivate people to be their best. We teach the qualities of great leaders—developing a clear vision and strategy, communicating that vision, empowering staff, team-building, generating short-term wins, providing positive feedback, and promoting lifelong learning. Bottom line—great leaders produce great results!


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