Why Us?

Why Use an Outside Trainer?

Recruiting, selecting and training the right sales people is one of the most important tasks facing automotive dealerships! Two Fortune-100 companies surveyed their customers to see how much value their salespeople contributed to the sale. They discovered that the salesperson accounted for 35-37% of the value that customers receive.

A principal cause of poor performance is hiring the wrong people for the job. But, as obvious as it seems, many dealerships still have ill-defined processes and woefully low standards for whom they hire and how they initially train new employees. Often, they rely on chat-style interviews with a handful of candidates, a technique that is both time-consuming and a poor predictor of success.

Few dealerships have the time or staff resources to provide intensive and ongoing training to their new recruits and seasoned employees. Even the best sales managers can get caught up in day-to-day operations. Others simply assume that sales people will learn on the job.

As a result, sales employee turnover at the typical new car franchise dealer is about 50%. That’s a problem in an era of thinning margins, when retaining customers is more important than ever. Many dealerships assume that constantly hiring new salespeople is just part of doing business, without ever trying to change the norm. That’s a costly mistake.

Competing for talented salespeople requires that dealerships cast a wider net and set higher standards for hiring. The problem is most dealerships just run classified ads in the newspaper and keep getting the same people applying for the job. Often dealerships hire their competitors’ failed salespeople, many of whom come with bad attitudes and bad habits learned by some 8 car guy. With Automotive Training & Development, you can be assured that your salespeople will be carefully screened and expertly trained.

The automotive sales war is heating up, and your competitors are always looking to attract better talent. Partnering with an outside firm can help you recruit and train outstanding sales professionals that produce results.


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